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What's included?

Get unlimited access to specialist Online Learning Assistants (OLAs) who tutor, coach and support students with academics, SEL and wellbeing.

We deliver live help on-demand, without the need to wait for an appointment; and, our OLAs are online from 9am to 9pm, seven days a week.

Our OLAs provide help with English, maths, science, SEL, and wellbeing, and they’re real humans which means the support is tailored to specific needs and abilities.

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How does askOLA work?

Safety is our top priority

Our Online Learning Assistants (OLAs) are screened through our comprehensive vetting and safeguarding procedure, so you can rest assured that students are in safe hands. They won’t be asked to communicate using cameras or microphones, and all conversations are recorded for monitoring purposes.

No microphones. No camera. No pressure.


Got a question?

What is askOLA? 

askOLA is an on-demand, academic, SEL and wellbeing support system.

Our OLAs (Online Learning Assistants) are available to answer unlimited questions about English, maths, science plus writing feedback. They also offer SEL support and wellbeing tips and advice, or, if necessary, they can direct students to the Kooth community to provide mental wellbeing support. 

Our OLAs are online seven days a week, from 9am – 9pm.

Our OLAs are fully qualified and carefully vetted. They’re unique because they are all real humans, rather than bots, which means they understand when children are struggling and can repeat concepts or explanations if needed until it makes sense and, most importantly, until their minds are at ease!  

Our OLAs have access to Kooth articles, and wellbeing activities and suggestions that they can share, offering tips and advice on a variety of different concerns. If a student needs more support then they can be directed to a Kooth counsellor. 

Why choose askOLA?

Sometimes students find it difficult to open up to people they know.

askOLA is completely anonymous and encourages children to express themselves and discuss issues that are bothering them.

Our OLAs are highly educated, fully trained, and specialized in their respective subjects – qualities that will provide you with an outstanding experience. It is also important to note that all our staff, including our OLAs, have undergone rigorous safeguarding training and background checks.

Students can ask unlimited questions at a time that suits them.

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