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Image of iPad showing an askOLA chat between student and OLA with a whiteboard in use, and an iPhone screen displaying askOLA student zone features
What's included?

Get unlimited access to specialist Online Learning Assistants (OLAs) who tutor, coach and support students with academics, SEL and wellbeing.

We deliver live help on-demand, without the need to wait for an appointment; and, our OLAs are online from 9am to 9pm, seven days a week.

OLAs provide help with English, maths, science, SEL, and wellbeing, and they’re real humans which means the support is tailored to specific needs and abilities.

How does askOLA work?

Safety is our top priority

Our Online Learning Assistants (OLAs) are screened through our comprehensive vetting and safeguarding procedure, so you can rest assured that students are in safe hands. They won’t be asked to communicate using cameras or microphones, and all conversations are recorded for monitoring purposes.

No microphones. No camera. No pressure.


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