Published 31st August 2022 | Opinion

How askOLA has impacted the lives of our student users

We talked to some of askOLA’s student users to find out how they find the platform and how it has impacted their life at school and at home.

teaching support

askOLA is an easy-to-use platform that gives you another choice in how you learn, in and outside of the classroom. We’re here to give you on-demand learning and wellbeing support – 7-days a week, from 9am – 9pm.

You can talk to us about English, Maths, Science, essay writing and, importantly, your wellbeing. So if homework is stressing you out, revision is causing you to lose sleep or you are worried about something – askOLA has got your back!

On demand learning

“I really enjoy using askOLA as it makes me feel like I’m not alone with my homework and worries.

I don’t like to put my hand up in class or speak up in front of my friends, so if I miss something or don’t understand something then I get stuck and usually just try to remember to Google it after class. Especially in maths as I don’t find numbers come naturally to me.

Since we got askOLA at school, I know I can always ask questions privately and won’t feel awkward. The OLAs are so patient and help to explain how I can work things out myself so I can usually do better the next time we do it in class.

Sometimes I panic a bit about tests or if I have to do a presentation in front of the class and then I can’t sleep or eat and I feel sick with nerves. I messaged askOLA about it all and they sent me different activities to try to calm my nerves and they reassured me that it was normal which helped a bit.”

“I was revising at home as I had a maths test the next day, I came across a topic that I remember finding really hard. I decided to use askOLA and it was great! OLA helped me to understand the topic and even showed me a new method using the interactive whiteboard. I will definitely askOLA for more help in the future.”


“askOLA is such an amazing platform for when you need any help with your homework or if you need help with your schoolwork. askOLA has more time to speak to me than my teacher was able to give me in class, I finally feel in control of my learning and that I’m not behind! I really love askOLA, thank you for your help!”



“askOLA helped me so much! In school we are doing Macbeth for our GCSE English, I find it quite hard to understand the language and our task was to pick out 10 quotes and learn their symbolic meanings and the themes they represent, I couldn’t understand some of the themes, so I asked an OLA. OLA explained everything to me and even sent me a BBC bitesize article about Shakespeare that was really interesting!”


“In school today we were learning how to draw graphs. I didn’t feel confident with it in the lesson, but I was feeling anxious that day and didn’t want to speak to my teacher. So when I got home, I asked OLA. It was very good, and they answered all of my questions in lots of detail and fast too! I liked how they were able to show me diagrams, it really helped. I would recommend OLA to everybody.”

askOLA is available to students, parents and schools in the U.K. We support children ages 11-18+ by providing instant access to specialist Online Learning Assistants (OLAs) who tutor, coach and support with learning and wellbeing 9am to 9pm, 7-days a week.

We deliver instant help on-demand without the need to wait for an appointment. Our OLAs provide help with English, maths, science and wellbeing at a fixed monthly cost. Students are supported by vetted subject specialists and protected by a safe and monitored online environment.

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