National Tutoring Programme

The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) is failing the students who need it the most

The facts:

  1. Less than half of students who received tuition through the NTP were classified as disadvantaged*, meaning that those who need the support the most did not receive it.
  2. 35% of students who signed up for the programme did not show up for tuition*, despite it being paid for.
  3. For those students who do attend, a significant proportion are not making the expected progress*.
  4. And most tutoring took place during lesson time, 26% of teachers have said that tuition led to pupils falling behind in lessons*.
National Tutoring Programme
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According to the EEF, the NTP has a 0 impact rating for student progress*. 

Schools should seriously consider if the programme is delivering true value for money, and find a solution that does more, for less.

Welcome to askOLA, we provide next generation tutoring for students age 11-18+, in and out of school hours, and we’re 90% cheaper than the NTP*.

National Tutoring Programme

askOLA extends learning with instant access to subject specialist online tutors from just £1.50 per student per month. 

Our student-centred platform combined with our ‘whole child’ approach supports the academic and wellbeing needs of students through expert intervention and support from Kooth, the UK’s most trusted wellbeing community for young people.

Our support is available from 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week.

With a rolling 90-day contract your school can access a wealth of specialist knowledge and support without any long-term commitment in this ever-changing climate.

Prices start at £1.50 per head.

National Tutoring Programme