Student Code of Conduct


This code of conduct aims to:

  1. Create an environment where you feel comfortable and able to learn.
  2. Encourage cooperation, honesty, fairness, and respect.
  3. Encourage you to take responsibility for your own behaviour.
  4. Explain the consequences that can result from not following this code.

As a user of the askOLA platform, I agree to the following code of conduct: 

General behaviour:

The following examples constitute unacceptable behaviour:

Additionally, I am responsible for my behaviour and language in all of my interactions with askOLA.

I will not:

If I choose not to follow this code, I understand that this may affect future sessions via the askOLA platform.

If you behave in a way that doesn’t follow our Code of Conduct, our staff can remind you about it and ask you to comply with it. Depending on the situation, they may give you an opportunity to change your behaviour and give you the chance to think and plan how you could behave differently. If necessary, we will inform your school, parents or guardians about the situation. If behaviour is repeatedly poor, we retain the right to remove you from the platform.

Keeping you safe

If we have concerns that you may be in need of protection or that you may present a risk of harm to other children and young people, we will follow our safeguarding procedures. This may involve making a referral to the local authority. If safeguarding procedures are necessary, we will talk this through with you and your parents as soon as possible, unless doing so would put you in danger or interfere with a police investigation.

We see schools, parents and guardians as valuable partners in your learning and development and will involve them when appropriate to do so. We will always inform and involve your school, parents or guardians if you receive a formal warning about your behaviour, unless doing so would put you in danger.


I understand that:

By continuing to study on our platform, you are acknowledging that you have read and agreed to this Student Code of Conduct.