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Look after your whole school community by adding classroom capacity and wellbeing support with low cost contracts

Why askOLA?
  • Pay a low fixed price for unlimited access to tutoring and virtual teaching assistants, from less than £2 per pupil per annum. 
  • Boost the entire school community with support from Online Learning Assistants from 9am – 9pm, 7 days a week. 
  • We use evidence-based interventions supporting both wellbeing and attainment to support the ‘whole child’.
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Digital Teaching Assistant

Project-based learning

Absence cover

Student agency

More able and talented

Teacher wellbeing

High-dosage tutoring

Increased school capacity


English support

Alternative provision

Reduced teacher workload

Revision support

Homework support

Pupil premium

Pupil wellbeing

Intervention support

Extended learning

Wellbeing analytics

Achieve your development and recovery objectives

askOLA utilises a high dosage tutoring model, which is a proven intervention supported through various sources of DfE funding. 

Leverage the additional capacity of 100’s of on-demand learning assistants in the classroom to reduce pressure on teachers and support their mental health with our Wellbeing+ bolt on, which provides unrestricted mental health support for all school staff. 

add school capacity
Get actionable insights into student learning and wellbeing

Schools and teachers have access to a dashboard to see which students have needed more help, and to enhance instructional practice. The information and insights enable detailed impact reporting and measurement in line with DfE and Ofsted guidelines.  

We also provide reporting data on specific wellbeing support accessed by students, giving both school level and trust level visibility of the extent of wellbeing needs in your settings (while maintaining user anonymity, ideal for planning and interventions). 

With you every step of the way

askOLA supports leaders, teachers, parents and students to uplift the whole school community.  Built to reinforce teacher-led instruction in the classroom and throughout the school day, our learning coaches are proven to lighten the workload for teachers, as well as helping parents to better support their children from home.

Our support team ensure successful adoption across the community. You can rely on us for onboarding, professional development with your teachers, parent engagement programmes and student technical support.

add school capacity


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