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Teachers’ time is ever more limited. Make the most of yours with askOLA

How does it work?

Through askOLA, students can instantly chat to subject experts who will explain concepts and work through sticking points, like a teaching assistant would. Another pair of hands to support you. 

We then feed back to you with easy-to-read reports, including data on usage and knowledge gaps.  

Whether assigned to support your learners from home, or used as a trusted partner in the classroom, we’re here to help. 

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Male teacher leans over a desk where four students sit looking at him as he talks to them.

It’s been proven that the stress of teaching is equivalent to that of working in A&E.

*University of Phoenix College of Education, 2020

How we support practitioners
  • Lean on our OLAs to extend capacity in your classroom – we are an extra pair of hands to support you and your students. 
  • Look after your mental health with anonymous, unlimited, and unrestricted wellbeing support.
  • Rest assured that askOLA is there for your students out-of-hours; relax knowing they can turn to us when they need to. 
  • Trust that using askOLA is as safe for your students as being in school. 
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Maximise student contact time knowing your class always has an extra helping hand.

'The askOLA Way'

Our pedagogy is built around three core and evidence-based pillars to support the whole child: 

  • Increasing determination  
  • Building academic confidence 
  • Fostering wellbeing awareness 
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Join the community

We bring communities together, as we know that this has the greatest impact on student outcomes. askOLA’s community already includes school leaders, teachers, therapists, leaders in technology and training, students, and parents.  

Join us and share ‘The askOLA Way’ with your colleagues and peers. 

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“With askOLA we experienced maximum capacity with minimum complexity.

Sir Mark Grundy, CEO Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust 



We work to uphold the same rigorous guidelines as any School or Multi-Academy Trust. We record all interactions with our OLAs, who are fully trained and vetted. We don’t use cameras or microphones in order to further ensure students safety. We are quality assured by Shireland Collegiate Academy, a leading Multi-Academy Trust.

Got a question about the safety of askOLA?

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