academic achievement

‘The askOLA Way’

‘The askOLA Way’ is built around three core and evidence-based pillars: 

  • Increasing determination  

  • Building academic confidence 
  • Fostering wellbeing awareness 

academic achievement

Increasing determination  


With askOLA, students learn that giving a wrong answer, not understanding a concept or feeling out of their depth is OK. We encourage positivity and create a safe, nurturing environment to allow young people to be confident in asking for help from tutors and persisting until they feel confident in dealing with the challenge they face. 


Our high-dosage tutoring and wellbeing model promotes student agency – pupils drive the interaction from start to finish. Our Online Learning Assistants (OLAs) are there to support, coach, and encourage students when they need it. 


By giving every youngster access to OLAs, we ensure that everyone has a choice in how they wish to engage, within and outside of the classroom. askOLA provides on-demand access to a trusted adult, encouraging student empowerment and engagement.   


“In school I can sometimes feel too shy to ask for help, even when I need it so having the option to askOLA makes me feel so much better.”

Anxiety is prevalent now in our youngsters. askOLA speaks to shy or reluctant youngsters and encourages them to speak up via our safe chat and whiteboard environment which allows anonymity. 

academic achievement

Building academic confidence 

Academic achievement 

We utilise proven high-dosage tutoring and wellbeing pedagogies – the average effect of these tutoring programmes on academic achievement is larger than roughly 85% of other educational interventions (The Case for a National Student Tutoring System – FutureEd (  

Empowering learners  

Our Online Learning Assistants guide students through the problem by asking questions to help them progress in their learning and understanding, as well as encouraging critical thinking skills.


Where appropriate learning is followed up with highly relevant notes and examples to reinforce the concept discussed, or to challenge pupils to go above and beyond. 

Academic equity 

askOLA makes it cost-effective to provide tutoring support for all – facilitating academic equity and aiding social mobility, allowing us to support all students, no matter their circumstances. 

homework support

Fostering wellbeing awareness 

Reduce barriers to learning

askOLA reduces the emotional and wellbeing barriers to learning as we have an understanding of the link between mental wellbeing and how they correlate to our students’ ability to learn.  

Clinical expert support 

Supported by clinical experts at Kooth, our OLAs support students in reducing these barriers to access learning, and particularly for students from our most disadvantaged communities. 

Improve resilience and self-regulation 

We are seeing more students suffering with their mental health than ever before. askOLA empowers pupils to take control by providing the tools they need to improve resilience and to self-regulate. 

Looking after staff

We’re here for all school staff and provide anonymous, unlimited, and unrestricted wellbeing support.

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