teaching support

We plug teaching gaps left by staff shortages and stretched budgets, plus support the mental health of the whole school community

From just £1.50 per pupil per month 

Sounds great! But how?

askOLA extends learning with instant access to subject specialist online tutors. Our student-centred platform combined with our ‘whole child’ approach supports the academic and wellbeing needs of students through expert intervention and support from Kooth, the UKs most trusted wellbeing community for young people.

Our support is available from 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week. With a rolling 90-day contract your school can access a wealth of specialist knowledge and support without any long-term commitment in this ever-changing climate.

teaching support
teaching support

No question should go unasked or unanswered.

We believe that learning and wellbeing support should be affordable and accessible for everyone, on-demand.

How it works

askOLA provides next generation tutoring for students age 11-18+, in and out of school hours.

Our Online Learning Assistants (OLAs) are available for on-demand support with English, maths, science, essay writing and wellbeing.

teaching support
teaching support

Chat online with vetted and qualified subject experts, on-demand.

From 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week.

With you every step of the way

askOLA supports leaders, teachers, parents and students to uplift the whole school community.  Built to reinforce teacher-led instruction in the classroom and throughout the school day, our learning coaches are proven to lighten the workload for teachers, as well as helping parents to better support their children from home.  

Our support team ensure successful adoption across the community. You can rely on us for onboarding, professional development, parent engagement programmes and student technical support. 

teaching support
For system leaders

Look after your whole school community by adding classroom capacity and wellbeing support with low cost, flexible 3-month rolling contracts. Pay a low fixed price for unlimited tutoring, from £1.50 per pupil per month. Leverage the additional capacity of 100’s of on-demand virtual learning assistants in the classroom to reduce pressure on teachers.

teaching support
teaching support

askOLA is an economical and equitable way to provide on-demand academic and wellbeing support for the whole school community.

For students

We know the feeling – you’re stuck on your schoolwork, but there’s no one around to help you at home, or you don’t want to put your hand up in class, or maybe you just don’t feel like talking.   

With askOLA, you can chat online with a subject expert, someone that you can trust. They can explain a tricky concept or even point you in the right direction for support for your mental health.  

Ask unlimited questions whenever you need to, without the wait. 

teaching support
For parents

As well as supporting schools, askOLA is also there to support parents. Are you struggling to find the time to help your child with their homework? Do you think your child could use some extra support with their schoolwork or maybe another trusted adult they can turn to for wellbeing support? askOLA!  

Our team of vetted experts are ready to support your child with their learning and wellbeing through our online, on-demand chat system. 

teaching support

Community stories

Schools in the askOLA community are embracing digital to help recraft the classroom, increasing capacity and providing next generation support for their students and staff. Discover how student-led learning can improve wellbeing and academic outputs.