How to get started

Get started with askOLA in 3 easy steps

Learn: about how it works, ask us any questions you have

Join: complete your order form and IT set up (it’s easy – we promise!)

Launch: use our pre-made launch pack including a planned assembly, parent letters, posters, and more!

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teacher support

Watch this short demonstration of askOLA. This video covers:

  • What is askOLA?
  • Who are the OLAs?
  • How askOLA can be used in your classroom?
  • How we handling safeguarding concerns
  • How we support student and staff wellbeing
  • Key facts about askOLA
  • A short platform tour

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National Tutoring Programme

Complete your Order Form

Send this link to your IT lead IT setup form

Send this link to your Safeguarding lead Safeguarding information

Step 3 – Launch with your students

You’re ready to go!

Your account manager will discuss options for a seamless school integration (think school assemblies). They will check in with you periodically to offer support, and can suggest strategies for usage stimulation, if needed.

Ready to get started?

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