OLA Code of Conduct


This code outlines the conduct and behaviour that is expected from askOLA’s Online Learning Assistants. It aims to help us protect students from abuse and reduce the possibility of unfounded allegations being made against tutors.

As an Online Learning Assistant (OLA) at askOLA, you are acting in a position of authority and have a duty of care towards the students we work with. You are likely to be seen as a trusted source of information and are expected to act appropriately.

As a verified tutor at askOLA, I agree to adhere to the following code of conduct:

  1. To always behave in a professional manner when interacting with students, parents, guardians, OLAs, and members of the team.
  2. To be on time for each scheduled session; ideally ready and waiting for attendees to arrive five minutes before the start time.
  3. To use appropriate language and tone in all interactions, always ensuring that conversations are professional. We are a young and vibrant organisation, so we expect OLAs to be friendly, professional, and mannerly when interacting with students, parents, guardians, other OLAs, and members of the team.
  4. To be prepared to provide educational and engaging sessions that are tailored to the students’ needs.
  5. To familiarise myself with the web app and the online scheduling tool so that I can communicate clearly with my students.
  6. To ensure an open line of communication between myself and the askOLA team.
  7. To take the time to write thoughtful and considered feedback at the end of each session, understanding that parents love to know how their child is doing and that this, in turn, fosters a positive relationship.
  8. To respond to messages within the askOLA platform in a timely manner.
  9. To remain familiar with all obligations I have, as shared by askOLA via training and dedicated communication channels.
  10. To prioritise the welfare and safety of students by following the askOLA safeguarding policy by flagging any safeguarding issues to the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Unacceptable behaviour

When working with students, you must not:

  1. allow concerns or allegations to go unreported,
  2. arrange to meet a student online or face-to-face outside of scheduled sessions,
  3. request any personal information from the student and always keep anonymity between you and the student,
  4. smoke, consume alcohol or use illegal substances,
  5. develop inappropriate relationships with students, including having ‘favourites’, accepting or giving gifts,
  6. make inappropriate promises to students,
  7. engage in behaviour that is in any way abusive, including having any form of sexual contact with a student,
  8. let students have any personal contact details (e.g. email, postal address), which are not already shared due to askOLA policy & practice (i.e. WhatsApp number) or have contact with them via a personal social media account,
  9. act in a way that can be perceived as threatening or intrusive,
  10. patronise or belittle students,
  11. make sarcastic, insensitive, derogatory, or sexually suggestive comments or gestures to, or in front of, students.

Upholding this Code

You should always follow this code of behaviour and never rely on your reputation or that of askOLA to protect you.

If you have behaved inappropriately, you will be subject to our disciplinary procedures. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, you may be asked to leave askOLA. We may also make a report to statutory agencies such as the police and/or the local authority child protection services. If you become aware of any breaches of this code, you must report them to the Designated Safeguarding Lead.